Diary of a Neobody – January 23rd, 2112

Hello diary.

I still haven’t decided what I’d like for a surname.  Grace thought that it was a capital idea, but couldn’t be much help.  The unique part of my production code begins ‘m1k1’, so most people take to calling me Michael, ignoring the fifteen digits beyond that.  I’ve been using it more myself recently, and I’ve decided that I like it, but I can’t choose a surname that ‘sounds right’, as Grace says.  Hopefully one will come to me.  I’m planning to research who designed my model and see if any of them have surnames that work.  It seems like that would be fitting, since my design team are the closest I have to parents.

Names aside, I’ve been making good progress in getting to know my workmates better this week!  Mr Rogers (who has begun demanding even more frequently that I start calling him ‘Joseph’) and I have been working closely together on an upcoming project between Red Owl and Infinity-I, so I’ve come to know him far better than anyone else in the office.  This is the first large project I’ve worked on since the install; its surprisingly exhilarating.  Before, I did work as needed to the best of my ability and did it on time.  Well, I still do that now, I suppose, nothing’s changed there, but now finishing parts of the project on time is such a satisfying feeling.  That’s to say nothing of the rush when presenting work to either client – let alone both.  I suppose I’m lucky though, since I can objectively tell when I’ve done the best work I can, I don’t find myself worrying about the work when we present.  Much as Joseph likes to pretend he doesn’t, he displays at least three signs of untruth when he assures me; before, I’d have probably asked why, but now I can understand.  I hope my ‘confidence’, as it were, rubs off on him.

When we’ve been having impromptu lunchtime meetings to ‘discuss the project’, we’ve spent a quite sizeable amount of our time just talking about how I’m finding things, where I want to go from here.  He’s been surprisingly interested in my progress the last couple of weeks; at first I was rather confused at why he’d taken such an interest, but then on Wednesday he revealed that one of his cousins was part of the team that designed the original emotion system.  It is, as he termed it, ‘a small world’.

He also decided that the best way to test me was to introduce me to a hobby of his; classic comedy.  At first I was expecting the ancient Classics, and so I was rather surprised when he sat me down in front of a thrideo collection of the 21st and 20th century’s greatest comedians.  I found it odd that many of his favourites seemed to be old British comedians when he himself hails from the USA, but he assured me that he was entirely unbiased; this just happened to be the latest vid he had acquired.

Being entirely honest, I must admit that I didn’t really understand some of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketches.  Apparently my sense of the ridiculous is either not yet sufficiently developed, or, as Joseph puts it, not sufficiently British.  He showed me some Charlie Chaplin – black and white!  It took me completely by surprise.  I know that there are scores of surviving recordings from that long ago, but I never expected to see one.

I suppose it’s also worth explaining here that I’ve recently taken to deactivating my automatic information lookup.  I’ve found that, outside work, people ask if you know about something either because they want to discuss its merits with you, or because they want to tell you about it.  Either is foiled when my AIL immediately bounces the details from the city’s wireless network; I instantly have access to all the relevant information about whatever it is. However, I’m now also recognising the crestfallen disappointment for what it is, and feeling guilty about it as well – I would very much like to avoid both of these.  I’m still working out the balance on when to have it activated for work purposes and when to deactivate it, but it’ll come to me.

Either way, without my AIL active,  I didn’t know what to expect from any of the comedy that Joseph showed me – I expect that it would have ruined all of the jokes to know them beforehand, though at the work party last week, everyone laughed at Joseph’s jokes despite the fact that I have all of them memorised from previous regalings.  Perhaps the humour is in the telling of it, rather than in the words?

Joseph seemed insistent that I should develop some more hobbies for myself.  Being passionate about something, or somethings, is invaluable for development he said.  I believe it may have been something he heard on a documentary, but it does ring true.  He suggested that we get together after the mid-way presentation for the project leaders from RO and I-I this Friday.  Grace thought it would be a great idea as well – maybe I’ll ask if she can come along too, as my other best friend?

You know diary, I find it quite interesting how this works. I sit down to write my entry, and I have a list of things that I feel I should include.  Then, after writing one or two of them, I end up drifting off on tangents.  I never used to do that.  I think it’s called a stream of consciousness.

It is – just remembered to turn my AIL back on now that I’m home.  It feels rather strange to have it active again actually; it’s been deactivated since I arrived at work this morning.  Maybe I should leave it off for longer, see what happens?

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