Diary of a Neobody – January 31st, 2112

Hello diary.

A somewhat belated hello in fact, since I forgot to make my entry yesterday as has apparently become my custom, but not my habit.  As far as I was aware, it was impossible for me to forget anything without deliberately deleting it from my memory, and yet here I sit, a day late.  I spent most of last night watching some more thrideos that Joseph has lent to me, and I became quite engrossed in them.  Is this part of my new emotions?  Becoming emotionally involved in something to the point where I manage to override memory and intent?  Is absent-mindedness an undocumented emotion that I have now attained?

I really don’t know.  But I am increasingly interested in finding out.   I’ll have to do some experimentation.  Luckily, Joseph is keen to share his interest in classic comedy with someone – I think everyone else in the office has been his target through the last year he’s worked here, and my being a clean slate means he has actually made some headway.  I don’t quite appreciate all of it yet, but he says I’ll grow into the more ridiculous humour.  Grace said that ‘weird’ humour relies on completely overturning your expectations of what is normal.  I suppose that for the moment, my ‘expectations’ aren’t expectations; instead, they’re details recorded and logged in my memory.  Maybe now that they’re being stored with attached emotional context, I’ll begin to grow into the jokes.  Or so Grace seems to think.

On the subject of Grace in fact, I asked Joseph if she was welcome to come along to our post-presentation meal last Friday.  He thought it was a wonderful idea, so the three of us went to a café on the 43rd floor of the shopping complex across the way from GU.  They got along spectacularly well; as it turns out, Grace’s father was rather enamoured of early 21st century film and comedy as well, so she knew most of the best films that Joseph asked about.  If anything, I became a little jealous, though I suppose that even my best friends are going to behave slightly differently towards other humans than they are to me.  Still, jealousy is a new emotion for me, so it was worth experiencing, regardless!

I believe Grace and Joseph liked each other quite a lot.  They ‘hit it off’.  I think this means that I’m possibly a matchmaker now.  Accidentally.

After we left the café, Joseph asked if there was anything else that I’d be interested in trying out, as far as expanding my pastime horizons was concerned.  I couldn’t think of anything immediately, so he suggested that we take a trip to the cinemaplex and pick a film at random.  We ended up watching a spy-thriller set on the Lunar colony.  I found it a bit ridiculous since the lead characters spent a lot of time in roving gun battles, something that seems incredibly foolish when there’s no atmosphere outside the dome you’re shooting in.  However, the film was decent enough and, possibly most importantly, the ‘comic relief’ character was actually comic – it’s nice to see that I can get some humour properly at least.

Grace said that the film was rather reminiscent of the 20th century James Bond films that her father used to love.  Joseph admitted to never having seen any of the really old ones, so Grace decided that she would borrow the vids from her parents and the three of us would have a film night sometime this week.  Joseph and I are busy most evenings trying to finalise this work for RO and I-I, but hopefully we’ll manage something.

The evening came to a close there, and we all went our separate ways.  I didn’t really discover any new hobbies, but I decided to buy myself a basic thrideo display.  I can ‘watch’ them internally – in my minds eye, to put it unnecessarily poetically – but it feels right to watch them on an actual screen-and-projectors setup, despite the inefficiencies and lessened quality.  Hopefully it’ll arrive within the next day or so.  And hopefully, my neighbours will look after it while I’m at work and not just let it get stolen from my doorstep.  Not that I have a doorstep, but I believe that it’s a turn of phrase.  Once again, my AIL is off.  I forgot to deactivate it during the film with Grace and Joseph and nearly ruined the film’s plot for myself by accident.

Either way, my plan is to watch shows and films at random on ‘cast and see if any of them pique my fancy.  I hope to discover some new interests deliberately ‘by accident’.  Grace’s idea.

Oh, someone’s knocking on the door.  My thrideo set can’t be here already can it?

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