Elsewhen Press signs US professor for literary speculative fiction

We are delighted to announce that David A. Colón, Assistant Professor of English at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas, has signed a publishing deal with Elsewhen Press for his first work of fiction, The Lost Men. Described as literary speculative fiction, The Lost Men is an allegory of the relationship between the human condition and the perception of fate. David’s work in poetry and poetics has appeared in many respected publications over the past decade, but The Lost Men is his first published fiction. We are very pleased that David has chosen Elsewhen Press to publish this work. It will be a significant addition, not only to our own catalogue, but to the speculative fiction genre.

David had the idea for the story while teaching an undergraduate course in rhetoric at Stanford University. “It got me thinking about a literary utopia,” he said, “I envisioned a world in which every individual was completely self-reliant, and to create this I imagined that such a place would have to be far less populated than the world is now. So, I created this scenario, placed it historically in an alternate future, and went from there. All the circumstances flowed from this premise.”

The Lost Men will be published in a digital edition just before Easter this year and in a print edition in the summer.