Elsewhen Press signs award-winning Scottish author

We are delighted to announce that award-winning Scottish author, Douglas Thompson, has signed a publishing deal with Elsewhen Press for his next science fiction novel, Entanglement. Described as philosophical science fiction, Entanglement explores our assumptions about such constants as death, birth, sex and conflict, as the characters in the story explore distant worlds and the intelligent life that lives there.

Entanglement starts in 2180 when travel to neighbouring star systems has been mastered by the use of quantum teleportation, ‘entanglement’ of sub-atomic matter. In the course of the novel, 24 worlds are explored; what humanity discovers is both surprising and disturbing, enlightening and shocking. Each alternative to mankind that they find, sheds light on human shortcomings and potential and offers fresh perspectives on life on Earth. Meanwhile personal human dramas play out at home for the astronauts and those in charge of the missions.

Entanglement will be published in a digital edition this summer and in a print edition in the autumn.