Elsewhen Press signs New York attorney for her debut literary science fiction

We are delighted to announce that Ms. Sanem Ozdural, a New York attorney, has signed a publishing deal with Elsewhen Press for her first novel. Literary science fiction, it tells of a game in which the players are, literally, gambling with their lives.

Sanem’s debut novel is set in a near-future where a secretive organisation has developed technology to transfer the regenerative power of a body’s cells from one person to another, conferring extended or even indefinite life expectancy. As a means of controlling who benefits from the technology, access is obtained by winning a tournament of chess or bridge to which only a select few are invited. At its core, the game is a test of a person’s integrity, ability and resilience. The fantastic nature of the game’s technology is made all the more credible by the familiarity of the contemporary setting, giving the story a definite slipstream feel. It provides a fascinating insight into the motivation both of those characters who win and thus have the possibility of virtual immortality and of those who will effectively lose some of their life expectancy.

Sanem Ozdural’s debut novel will be published in a digital edition this summer and in a print edition in the autumn.