Review of The Lost Men on Risingshadow

Seregil of Rhiminee, on the Risingshadow website, has written a thorough review of The Lost Men by David A. Colón in which he praises both the quality of David’s writing style and the depth of the story. He says that “The author’s descriptive style made [the characters’] problems and feelings come to life.” David’s debut novel is almost an archetype of slipstream fiction, telling a story of love and Fate in a near-future but post-apocalyptic world with few remaining human inhabitants. Touching on the fact that David’s story is both a perfect example of speculative fiction and at the same time a philosophical literary novel, Seregil says “…everything was in balance in this novel, because the author had found a nice way to combine science fiction and literary fiction – the result is an enjoyable and thought-provoking reading experience.” You can read the whole of the review on the Risingshadow website here.

You can buy The Lost Men on Kindle here (US) and here (UK) and soon on the iBookstore and Kobobooks too. It will be available in paperback later in the year. One final quote from Seregil: “It’s a fascinating and sophisticatedly written debut novel, which can be recommended to everybody who likes beautifully written stories.” Thanks Seregil.