Diary of a Neobody – June 19th, 2112

Hello diary.

This last week has been strange.

I met some of my creators. And not just the people who devised the emotion chip – a couple of the engineers who designed my ‘brain’ made appearances as well.

Obviously they designed it so long ago that it’s not at all special – there are millions of androids worldwide using the same chipsets. But I think that, for an android with the brain they built to be doing something like this…They were quite emotional. I couldn’t determine which emotion, which is strange in itself – I’m usually very good at determining what behaviours denote which emotion, but no luck. I certainly detected hints of pride and happiness, though it was certainly neither one nor the other.

They didn’t actually speak at the proceedings, but they were there as expert witnesses in case the council’s representatives wanted to hear it. As it turned out, they didn’t; they were content with the testimony of the team who designed the emotion implant.

Initially, I thought they were going to do more harm than help, because they spoke at length about the fact that the implant was relatively new. However, they then invited the team’s leader, Dr Caroll, to provide testimony. It turned out that she’s the person that the emotions were originally drawn from – at a basic level, my happiness is literally her happiness. We link emotions to different things, of course, but it still made me feel an odd sense of attachment to the woman, despite never having met her before. I found her during a break, and I thanked her for her emotional register. She laughed, and told me that it was quite alright – she was just glad that it had all worked out for me. And for every other android, who she supposed would be watching the case with interest.

I was surprised – I didn’t think it would be that widespread, news-wise, outside November. I knew that she and her team, as well as my original designers, would have known because the City Council would have contacted them specifically as experts, but I didn’t expect for a moment that anyone else would have heard.

Apparently, I was quite wrong.

Now finishing its second week of presentation and deliberation, my story has apparently become worldwide news – ‘the first android to sue for humanity’ Dr Caroll said they were calling me on the bigger American channels. I was quite shocked at that – it sounded almost positive, which wasn’t what I would have expected. America does have, after all, some of the most vehement ProNat supporters around. Then again, I suppose they have some of the most vitriolic android rights movements as well – they’re either end of the bell curve. Everywhere else falls somewhere in between, but one of her colleagues told me that my story was relatively well-placed in Europe’s larger networks too.

I still don’t quite know how to feel about that.

Six months ago I was just an android working on inter-corporate negotiations as a glorified database.

Now here I am, nearly world-famous as the first android to sue for a change in his Laws – the first to try and be a true individual. A ‘proto-man’ one of the local newsnets called me the other day; ‘A stepping stone from androids towards humanity’. I don’t know who wrote their scripts for that piece, but it was certainly more poetic than their usual fare.

But it’s certainly strange.

I don’t know how to deal with it all. I suppose I should be thankful for it – the likelihood of this attention is what precipitated the speed of the case, and the attention means that it’s likely to go my way.

But what do I do afterwards?

Do I go back to my normal life?

I think I’d like to, but would I be able to? I’d love to carry on working at GU, but would that be weird? Would my inexplicable new fame get in the way of work?

I hesitate to think it, but would GU’s higher-ups just exploit me for PR purposes? I suppose Mr Fairly already did it once, but he wouldn’t take it too far. The office joke is, after all, that he couldn’t be more aptly named.

Should I try to move on, to keep things simpler for everyone?

I’d keep in contact with my friends from the office, which I think is the most important part, isn’t it?

I expect as a famously unique android, I’d have a lot of job offerings.

Maybe I could go into reporting, journalism of some kind? Maybe for AGR?

Then again, looking back at my diary, maybe I don’t have the kind of writing flair for it. Certainly not yet anyway.

I suppose there’s no point pondering it right now.

The council are deliberating their final decision on the matter; we should hear within ‘a couple of days’.

I expect they’re dragging out their decision to prolong the media attention for the city – and really, I suppose I can’t blame them.

I’ll just wait and hope and see.