Sanem Ozdural, author of LiGa™, talking at Words and Music Festival in New Orleans

Sanem Ozdural, author of LiGa™, will be talking at the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society Words and Music Festival in New Orleans, at 10:15am on Friday 30 November 2012 in the Queen Ann Ballroom:

Fiction as a Magic Carpet for Time Travel

Transporting the reader to another time, another world, even worlds that are still in the future, with the reader eagerly stepping aboard the author’s time travel vehicle is a special kind of magic. And it’s the kind of magic that can make or break fiction. New Orleans fiction writer Moira Crone and debut novelist Sanem Ozdural will discuss the art of exploring the future with fiction.

Ms. Ozdural, a practicing attorney who cut her legal teeth as a prosecutor with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office, is author of LiGa (acronym for Life Game), a novel about a game of the future where the coin is extra years of life.

Both authors, keen observers of the harsh realities of our time, take those realities and mutliply them, envisioning a future where the division between the haves and have nots reaches epic proportions. Against their dramatic landscapes, they each in different ways explore the fall-out from quests for immortality. The key to the success of such explorations? Moira and Sanem will let you in on that secret.