“an excellent tale” – review of The Royal Sorceress on Changing The Times

The Royal Sorceress cover imageIn his review of The Royal Sorceress by Christopher Nuttall on the Changing The Times ezine website, John Trofimuk says one of the reasons he enjoyed it is because it “is as much an alternate history novel as it is a magical adventure.” Declaring himself not to be a particular fan of fantasy, John goes on to say that the setting was important for him as it “isn’t a fantasy land with places I’ve never heard of with arcane monarchies or evil kingdoms, it’s just a different version of our world which is far easier to understand and connect with.”

John also praises the “wonderful description of places and people” and believable characters. He finishes by saying “I recommend The Royal Sorceress if you are a fan of alternate history and magic. Even for those [for whom] fantasy isn’t a real interest, the story delivers because the magic is secondary to the social conflict going on.”

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