“brimming with ideas” – review of Entanglement on Warpcore SF

Entanglement cover (click for more details)Ros Jackson reviewed Entanglement by Douglas Thompson on Warpcore SF.  She says there’s “something very Golden Age” about it, capturing “that sense of wide-eyed wonder and endless possibilities”.  As the astronauts (or, in the terminology of the story, duplinauts) make first contact on a variety of new worlds the aliens are “breathtakingly weird”, and the stories are a “philosophical examination” of different ways of life.  She is concerned that many of the astronauts meet “creatively horrible fates”.  However she says “all of the strangeness makes sense by the end” and she concludes by describing the tone of the story as one of “bizarreness, wonder, and occasional viciousness”.

You can read Ros’ full review here.