“effortlessly engaging” – review of Entanglement on The Horror Zine

Entanglement cover (click for more details)Over on The Horror Zine, Ian Hunter has reviewed Entanglement by Douglas Thompson. He describes it as “a novel that will live inside the mind of the reader long after the back cover has been closed”.  Although Entanglement is categorised by us and Douglas as philosophical science fiction, Ian says it deserves a review in The Horror Zine because “there is much to be horrified about within the 336 pages”.  He goes on to say that apart from the “effortlessly engaging writing style that sucks the reader into the plot like a black hole lined with teeth” – (lovely image there Ian!) – and the “thoughtful, intelligent plotting” there is “a rich seam of horror” running through the various encounters between the human explorers and the aliens they discover.

You can read the full review here.