“one of the most interesting and entertaining alternate history books ever written” – review of The Royal Sorceress on Risingshadow

The Royal Sorceress cover imageOver on Risingshadow.net, Seregil of Rhiminee has just reviewed The Royal Sorceress by Christopher Nuttall.  In an enthusiastic review, he praises the characters, the vivid portrayal of society, “perfectly” written action scenes and the fact that magic isn’t used as a deus ex machina to make the heroes invincible.  At the start of his review, he warns that he is “hard to please when it comes to alternate history, because I’ve seldom been impressed by books and stories that can be categorized as alternate history”.  But he goes on to say that he was “positively surprised” by The Royal Sorceress “because it turned out to be an entertaining and well written book”.  Why are you surprised, Seregil?  We could have told you that!

He concludes by saying “If you’re interested in fantasy, alternate history and magic, you should read this book”.

Read the full review here.