“A science fiction detective novel making you laugh out loud in several dimensions” – review of Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the inconvenience)

Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the inconvenience) cover image - click to enlarge
Cover image original artwork by Hannah B. Farrell, background photo by Bart_J/ shutterstock.com

Writer Geoff Nelder has reviewed Welcome to the Multiverse* by Ira Nayman. As well as laughing out loud, Geoff mentions various puns, hilarities, Alternate Reality News Service items and other ‘bizarro’ elements of Ira’s book, noting in passing that Jessica Cornflake is his favourite character name. Obviously familiar with Ira’s work, he says that  “like all the other stories by Ira Nayman, this is hilarious and yet the reader is poked into thinking beyond the conventional.” Geoff concludes by saying that Welcome to the Multiverse* “is science fiction in a way, comedy in a way and a detective novel in a way. Read it and you will be a changed person.”

You can read Geoff’s full review here on Cafe Doom or here on The Compulsive Reader.

* Sorry for the inconvenience