“drips with satire” – review of Welcome to the Multiverse* on The Future Fire

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On The Future Fire, Kate Onyett has written a detailed and very thoughtful review of Welcome to the Multiverse* by Ira Nayman. Having likened speculative fiction to a really well-fitting bra, Kate declares that Welcome to the Multiverse* is more of a corset! Thankfully moving away from lingerie, she goes on to describe Ira’s credentials as a satirist and his skill at using the notion of alternative realities to enable him to side-swipe his targets.  As she says, “Nayman’s satire is based very firmly in the political, in the social, in the Bigger Picture of social human existence”, although he is “not above making goofy jokes and bringing in groan-worthy pop culture references”.  Overall “Nayman does fill it to bursting with bits and pieces that are recognisable, pithy and interesting”.

Like other reviewers she singles out the intelligent furniture and appliances for being “bitchy, funny and endearing.”  She describes Ira’s style as “bouncy” with a “lively sense of interest that plays with narrative convention” that does all it can to make it a “cheerful experience”.  Although she says there is an “almost frenetic amount of material thrown onto the page” she admits that “it was remarkably easy how quickly I slipped into Nayman’s frame of reference (possibly due to the geek in me, never far from the surface), and into the metre of the narrative.”

Her conclusion?  In her own words: “I did become a keen reader; I found I was drawn in, interested and amused. Overall it was a good jape, and if a healthy spot of sci-fi comedy is your thing, then it will serve you very well.”

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