“works amazingly well as an adventure book” – review of Jacey’s Kingdom on Risingshadow

Cover image photo of ‘Jacey’ by tommaso lizzul/ shutterstock.com

On the Risingshadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has written a very complimentary review of Jacey’s Kingdom by Dave Weaver. Commenting how well Dave “combines fantasy and realism”, he says the “story feels refreshing” because of the original and unusual subject matter. He goes on to say “Dave Weaver’s fluent prose makes this book accessible and easy to read” and it “works amazingly well as an adventure book, because the author keeps the story moving all the time”. He comments on the fascinating historical settings that Dave has conjured up for the reader in which to set Jacey and George’s adventures, but also how the “author explores the meaning of friendship in an intriguing way”.  It is, he says, “a nicely told story about friendship, courage, hope and overcoming obstacles” and he concludes that it’s “a riveting fantasy book” that is  accessible to young adults too.

Read Seregil’s full review here.