Ira Nayman launches new cake at Ad Astra

Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the inconvenience) cover image - click to enlarge
Cover image original artwork by Hannah B. Farrell, background photo by Bart_J/
Ira launches a new cakeIra Nayman, author of Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the inconvenience), used a novel to promote the launch of his first cake. As you can see from the photos alongside, the cake was popular with those attendees of the Ad Astra convention in Toronto who came along to see what Ira had been cooking up. Unfortunately the cake was so popular that it was soon all gone… luckily Ira had prepared for this and written a novel of the same title, published by Elsewhen Press. He took the opportunity to aid digestion of the cake by reading from the novel and subsequently signed copies (of the novel, not the cake) for those fans who wanted a memento of the experience. Ira is busy writing the next cake and will bake a novel to coincide with its launch.

Ira's cake goes down well
Ira's cake has vanished into an alternate reality

[Ed: I think that someone may have got this a bit mixed up?]


Updated: Stephen Pearl recorded Ira reading the first chapter and has put it on Youtube here