German rights to Christopher Nuttall’s Bookworm acquired by Random House

Blanvalet Verlag to publish German edition of Bookworm, the best selling fantasy novel for adults by Christopher Nuttall, in 2015.

Library photograph: zens/
Library photograph: zens/
We are delighted to announce the sale of German translation rights for Bookworm by Christopher Nuttall to Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH for publication under the Blanvalet imprint in 2015. Set in a fantasy world of magic and political intrigue, Bookworm is a dark tale of power and temptation, fear and lust, secrets and destiny. When first published in January of this year it soared up the fantasy best-selling charts on Amazon in the US, UK and Germany, with significant sales across 12 different countries in both ebook and print editions.

This deal marks a significant milestone for Christopher and for Elsewhen Press. Christopher began self-publishing his novels in 2011. He also submitted his fantasy novel The Royal Sorceress to Elsewhen Press, beginning a successful relationship. Bookworm was the second of his fantasy novels to be published by Elsewhen Press. In July Elsewhen Press will publish their next Christopher Nuttall title, Sufficiently Advanced Technology, while August will see the release of The Great Game, the much-anticipated sequel to The Royal Sorceress. The acquisition by Blanvalet of rights for the German language edition of Bookworm serves to underline the quality and appeal of Christopher’s writing to a global audience.

Bookworm is available in English in both digital and print editions from Elsewhen Press, on Apple iTunes, Kobo, Amazon Kindle stores and other online retailers, and through high-street retailers.

Bookworm will be available in German from Blanvalet in 2015.