“a clever book, packed with ideas” – Review of Entanglement on Vicky Thinks

Entanglement coverOn her blog Vicky Thinks, Victoria Hooper has just reviewed Entanglement by Douglas Thompson. She says she “found most of the stories fun and interesting, with a good mix of tense, thoughtful, dreamy, funny and absurd” and goes on to say that the “technology aspects are written well and not bogged down with too much explanation, and the science and more fantastical elements mix very naturally”.

Vicky liked the idea of the book and the way it is written as a series of short stories, each relating to one of the planets being explored, linked together through the technology and events on Earth. She says that it “asks some fascinating questions about dream and reality, intelligence, and how humans view their world.” She concludes by saying “As ‘philosophical science fiction’, I think it works very well.”

You can read the full review here.