“ Excellent escapism!” – Review of Bookworm on Risingshadow

Library photograph: zens/shutterstock.com
Library photograph: zens/ shutterstock.com
On the Risingshadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has written an extensive review of Bookworm by Christopher Nuttall. He says that Christopher has “woven an exciting and entertaining story of secrets, dark history, books, werewolves and magic, and knows how to keep the story on the move.” He goes on to describe it as “fluently written escapism”.

He says “The author writes well about power struggle, magic, ancient evil and history. Worldbuilding works nicely, because the author evokes images of the different places in the reader’s mind by writing about the landscapes and places in a fluently descriptive, but not overwhelming way”.

Seregil approves of various aspects of the story, for example he says “This book has two difficult themes: the temptation of power and the corrupting power of magic. Both themes were handled amazingly well”. He also summarises some of the main characters and why he liked them and their interactions. He especially praised Christopher’s willingness to address adult issues within the fantasy genre; whereas many fantasy authors shy away from sex or sexuality, Christopher writes “boldly and uninhibitedly” about how Elaine slowly got to know what it feels like to be a woman as she started dating Bee.

He concludes “I think that Bookworm will please everybody who wants to read an entertaining fantasy story and wants to escape reality for a few hours”. Having previously enjoyed Christopher’s novel The Royal Sorceress, he suggests that readers of the one will enjoy the other.

You can read Seregil’s full review here.