“intimate, sometimes intense but thought-provoking” – review of LiGa™ on British Fantasy Society website

LiGa™ coverOn the British Fantasy Society website, there is a review of Sanem Ozdural’s debut novel LiGa™. After a brief description of the setting of the story, the reviewer, Richard Webb, explains how the LifeGame of the story (for which LiGa™ is a branded abbreviation) is bridge and goes on to say that bridge “is a social game, built on double-guessing your partner’s hand as much as your opponent’s and what Ozdural does well is to expose the brutality under the veneer of the somewhat genteel pastime.”

Richard describes the diversity of the players who are competing as a cornerstone of the book, with “none of the group clearly the one to root for. This makes for intrigue and nuance in their interactions, layered with complexity as at different times they are paired with, or against, one another, all with their eyes on the ultimate prize.” The review goes on to consider the philosophical questions at the core of the story, and why anyone would participate in such a game: “Understanding the reasons why each participant was willing to take this risk what it would mean to them was one of the slow-burning joys the story yielded.”

You can read the full review here