“fascinating and fluently written science fiction” – Review of Sufficiently Advanced Technology on Risingshadow

shuttle: Alison Buck, photographs: SimonB, LianeM/ shutterstock.com
shuttle: Alison Buck, photographs: SimonB, LianeM/ shutterstock.com

On Risingshadow, Seregil of Rhiminee has just reviewed Christopher Nuttall’s novel Sufficiently Advanced Technology, the first book in the Inverse Shadows universe. Describing the book as “interesting escapism from start to finish”, Seregil commends Christopher on writing “good and fluent entertainment” – he has “created an interesting view of the future world” and provided a “fascinating glimpse” into it.

Seregil also likes Christopher’s “interesting and a slightly different kind of a scientific approach to studying an unknown planet and its wonders. He writes about what the researchers do and how they feel about their work” adding that “One of the most interesting things about this book is that what seems to be magic for people on Darius is actually science to others (reading about quantum foam and how it was considered magic was very intriguing).”

Seregil admits that “Sufficiently Advanced Technology is the first science fiction book that I’ve read from Christopher Nuttall, but it won’t be the last, because I like his entertaining writing style. He has his own writing style and he manages to create interesting worlds” going on to say “I’m sure that fans of Christopher Nuttall will be delighted to read this book and I think that newcomers will also like it”.

The review concludes that “Christopher Nuttall’s Sufficiently Advanced Technology is a fascinating and fluently written science fiction book that will keep you entertained from start to finish. I can recommend this book to readers who enjoy reading entertaining science fiction books and stories, because it’s good escapism.”

You can read Seregil’s full review here.