“Excellent and imaginative science fiction” – review of Convergence on Risingshadow

Astronaut: 315 Studio / shutterstock.com
Astronaut: 315 Studio / shutterstock.com

On the Risingshadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has read and reviewed Convergence by Mike French – the final part of the Dandelion Trilogy. Having previously read and reviewed the first two books in the trilogy (The Ascent of Isaac Steward and Blue Friday), Seregil says it is “as interesting and fascinating as its predecessors” and goes on to say “Now that I’ve read all the novels in The Dandelion Trilogy, I can say that this trilogy has been a most pleasant surprise. It’s a delightfully different and imaginative trilogy in which several different elements are combined in interesting and unexpected ways. The novels in this trilogy are well written and intelligent speculative fiction novels”.

In a long and very complimentary review Seregil describes Convergence as “surprisingly imaginative, disturbing, chilling, addictive and also humorous”, as well as “extraordinarily written and full of twists and turns”.

Commenting on how Mike “combines several elements from science and technology to religion and politics in this novel” Seregil says “It’s intriguing how well and fluently he binds all these elements together, because it isn’t easy to write this kind of speculative fiction” and observes that Mike “combines new technology, clones, dreams, hopes, lust, sex, politics, religion and violence in a surprisingly exhilarating and uninhibited way. In less capable hands this kind of a unique combination of different elements might have been a total disaster, but Mike French has succeeded in combining all the elements perfectly and has created an exciting and addictive story”. Furthermore it is “a surprisingly complex story that opens up bit by bit” says Seregil who appreciates “this kind of storytelling, because it shows that the author knows that readers have brains and they’re capable of using them to figure things out.”

Going on to commend Mike’s prose and writing style, the review continues “It’s great that he effortlessly combines science fiction and modern literary prose (I’ve always liked good literary prose, so it was a pleasure to read his prose). One of the best things about his prose is that at times he’s deliciously sharp and sarcastic and surprises his readers with unexpected happenings” adding that it’s “nice that the author has a quirky and twisted sense of humour, because it adds a cool touch of satire to the story. His humour is sharp, but also sophisticated.”

Seregil finishes by saying that this novel is “a totally different kind of a science fiction novel and that’s a good thing … novels like Convergence are pearls among pebbles”. I’m sure he doesn’t mean other Elsewhen Press titles!

I’ll leave the final words to Seregil: “If you want to read something totally different, enjoy reading good prose and love imaginative science fiction, you should consider reading Convergence, because it’s all of these things and more. It’s a partly surreal, but fulfilling reading experience that leaves you wondering how the author has come up with a story that’s satirical, surreal and imaginative.”

I hope Seregil won’t mind how much I’ve quoted from the review, but there’s even more! You can read the full review here.