“one of the most intriguing heroines in modern fantasy” – Review of The Great Game on Risingshadow

The Great Game cover imageOn the Risingshadow website, Seregil of Rhiminee has just reviewed The Great Game by Christopher Nuttall, the second book in the Royal Sorceress series. Seregil liked The Royal Sorceress (the first book in the series), so it perhaps unsurprising that The Great Game gets a five-star review! I’ll pick out a handful of Seregil’s comments, but you really should read the whole review yourself.

Seregil begins by saying “I have to mention that I like Christopher Nuttall’s writing style. He has his own writing style and he pays a lot of attention to the atmosphere and keeps things interesting for the reader. His descriptions of the places, magic, characters and happenings are compelling.” A good start!

This is followed by “In my opinion he concentrates perfectly on delivering an entertaining story that contains both fantasy and detective fiction elements. There are quite a lot of fantasy books with detective elements in them, but there’s something in Christopher Nuttall’s enthusiastic writing style that separates him from other authors and makes this book fresh.”

Later “The author continues to deepen Gwen’s character in this book and that’s a good thing, because she’s one of the most intriguing heroines in modern fantasy series. Gwen is a delightfully intelligent, powerful and stubborn young woman who refuses to be treated badly by men. She doesn’t want to submit to the common rules and norms of the male dominated society that allow very little freedom to women.”

Seregil goes on to talk about Christopher’s obvious talent for writing about magic, “He’s one of the few authors who clearly seem to love writing about magic and all things related to it.” Not forgetting the humour, “One of the best things about this book and other fantasy books by Christopher Nuttall is that he adds humour to the story. This is great, because there are several authors who don’t know how to add humour to the story. The author’s humour is charming and his observations about certain things are funny (and at times even sharp).”

Seregil’s conclusion? “I can recommend The Great Game to all readers who enjoy reading entertaining fantasy books, because it’s pure entertainment from start to finish. If you’ve already read Christopher Nuttall’s other books and enjoy his writing style, you should put this book to your reading list as soon as possible, because it’s a good and thought-provoking fantasy book. This book offers wonderful escapism for everybody who appreciates entertaining fantasy.” Finishing up by saying “Enjoyable fantasy entertainment!”

You can (and should) read the whole review (yes, there’s more!) here.