“a dizzying dystopia” – review of Convergence on Murder Mayhem & More

Convergence cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck
Astronaut: 315 Studio / shutterstock.com

On the Murder Mayhem & More website, Rowena Hoseason has reviewed Convergence, the final part of the Dandelion Trilogy by Mike French. She says that she found it “to be eminently readable and was thoroughly entertained” and that it “kept my entire attention throughout”.

She observes that Mike “draws on the great traditions of sci-fi writing to examine the human condition in the most extreme circumstances” and goes on to say that “it was a refreshing change to be challenged by such an intricate and creative universe — and not be spoon-fed set-piece action-adventure” and “the story really grabbed me”.

She gives a brief thumbnail sketch of some of the main characters and locations, especially concentrating on the more amusing aspects of the story. She says “Sharp-toothed satire is a writer’s greatest weapon, and it’s used here to excellent effect” although she points out that the book also has serious points to make too.

You can read Rowena’s full review here.