Human daisy-chain links paranormal phenomena in Japan

British author uncovers hidden aspects of modern-day Japan in linked series of tales of the unexpected consequences of contact with the world beyond

DARTFORD, KENT – 7 February 2014 – Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, is delighted to announce the digital publication of the latest novel by Dave Weaver. Japanese Daisy Chain is an innovative portmanteau cycle of stories that flirt with the paranormal, linking through primaeval and elemental phenomena that lie hidden behind modern-day Japan.

Japanese Daisy Chain cover image
Artwork by Alison Buck

In Japanese Daisy Chain, Dave Weaver takes us on a very individualistic journey around contemporary Japan through the eyes of the participants in a series of apparently unrelated incidents. Events that, to an outsider may seem a little strange or hard to explain, but to which we are given an exclusive insight – enabling us to see the consequence of contact with the paranormal, fantastic or downright weird. As each episode unfurls and our journey progresses, we alone can see the invisible thread that connects these events, albeit tenuously. A participant on each occasion, a minor character if you will, becomes the main protagonist in the next, creating a human daisy-chain.

Just like a daisy-chain, what goes around comes around. The chain is completed and we finally understand karma…

“Dave Weaver’s light touch and subtle observations draw the reader into the mysterious and, at times, unsettling lives of his uniquely Japanese characters, effortlessly evoking the alien beauty and mystical traditions of this ancient culture.”

Japanese Daisy Chain is published today by Elsewhen Press in a digital edition, available on Kindle, Kobo and the iBookstore as part of a digital-first policy. It will be released as a paperback in May.

About Dave Weaver

Dave Weaver

Though born and raised in the distinctly un-exotic heartlands of Surrey, ‘the land of the rising sun’ has held a fascination for Dave since he first visited it with his Japanese wife. A fascination for the beautiful colours of its landscapes and the subtlety of its culture, for its contradictions and certainties, intelligence and passion, spirit and diversity. Yet beneath all these things lies another Japan; one of ghosts and shadows, unspoken secrets, demons from the past and uncertain visions of the future. It’s what makes this intriguing country ultimately unknowable, unique, Nippon…