“I was strongly reminded of HG Wells” – review of Entanglement on Murder Mayhem & More

Entanglement cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck
Atom orbits: Yulia Glam/shutterstock.com

On the Murder Mayhem & More website, Rowena Hoseason has reviewed Entanglement by Douglas Thompson. She says that there’s a “hugely nostalgic feel to Entanglement, perhaps because of the stand-alone pulp-fiction style of the off-world adventures” which she says are reminiscent of Astounding Tales but also “HG Wells’ Time Machine – there are echoes of the Morlocks and Eloi. Douglas Thompson seizes this opportunity to carry on where Wells left off, giving us glimpses of strange social systems and convoluted communities.”

Commenting on the episodic nature of the book, with a series of encounters on different worlds, she notes that as “is the way with the very best sci-fi, every encounter says far more about humans than it does about the extra-terrestrial life forms”. Some of these observations are “uplifting and affirming, others are most definitely sobering and poignant”. She continues by pointing out that it’s not all serious, there are, she says, “several moments of wickedly adept humour – not least when the explorers meet the aliens who’ve been abducting humans from Earth for decades, and endure their inevitable invasive probing…”

As for Douglas Thompson, she says he has “a very easy-going writing style which means you can dip in and out… without struggling to get back into the groove.” She says his descriptions of other worlds “are wonderful, but he doesn’t sacrifice the pace of the plot for overblown self-indulgent stunt-writing. My attention was fixed firmly on the page throughout.” She concludes by describing Entanglement as “agreeable, thought-provoking entertainment”.

You can read Rowena’s full review here.