Free short story to celebrate Schmeckler’s Farrago and launch of You Can’t Kill the Multiverse* paperback edition

This weekend people all over the Multiverse are enjoying various religious festival celebrations†, many of which involve chocolate and/or small furry animals with long ears. In a bid to capitalise on these celebrations Arrundel, the leader of the digital gods, has decreed that a fable be made available from the vaults of Digitaleusia to mortals everywhere. Not wishing to incur the wrath of the All-programmer, Elsewhen Press is delighted to offer a free download of this fable, which is coincidentally also a short story starring none other than ePik Flayel, the Trickster god. If you’ve read You Can’t Kill the Multiverse* by Ira Nayman you will already have met Flayel. If you haven’t read You Can’t Kill the Multiverse* you are in luck because from today it is also available in paperback and can be obtained via good bookshops (and some that aren’t quite so good).

Cover art by Alison Buck
Cover art by Alison Buck

Whether or not you have read You Can’t Kill the Multiverse* yet, you can download He Who Dies With the Most Friends Isn’t Immortal for free in your favourite digital format. As many of you as possible can download it and our server will be perfectly fine – not that that’s a challenge, of course! Click here for more details and download links.

Happy Schmeckler’s Farrago!

*But You Can Mess With its Head

† Including, but (as our legal department have suggested we say) not limited to: Easter, Passover, Schmeckler’s Farrago, satyr’s delight, The Ultimate Feast of the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster and others.