Silver Award for Arteess Conflict confirms gamer James Starling as new author to watch

Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards present Silver Award for Teenage Fiction for 2013 to science fiction novel from first-time author and gamer, James Starling

DARTFORD, KENT – 28 April 2014 – Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, is delighted to congratulate James Starling for winning the Silver award in the Teenage Fiction category of the 2013 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards for his debut science fiction novel, Arteess: Conflict. The winners of the awards were announced at AuthorConUK in Manchester on Saturday afternoon (26 April 2014).

Arteess: Conflict is the first book in the Arteess series. Arteess is a game but not child’s play, a private virtual reality experience created as an experiment into the nature of time itself. Players are invited to take part in an international warzone of nomadic factions. We follow the Shard squad, friends specialising in conflict arenas, who are surrounded by sociopathic technicians, facetious pilots and an insane commander and must survive the onslaught of rivals and the antics of their own faction.

James Starling deftly creates credible characters, and readers soon find themselves rooting for the resourceful members of the squad. Bridging the chasm-like void between literature and gaming, James brings together both the disturbingly amusing black humour of the gaming community and the focus, scope and monumental scale possible within modern literature. This is a book that appeals to gamers of all ages as well as readers of science fiction and action novels.

A review on Risingshadow described Arteess: Conflict as “bold experimentation in combining modern science fiction and gaming” and said that the book manages “to convey the hectic action and the addictive atmosphere of the gaming world to readers”.

Arteess: Conflict was published in July 2013 by Elsewhen Press.

About James Starling

James Starling is an avid gamer. He revels in the virtual environments and endless community entertainment of this millennium’s gaming scene, caught up in the rush of gaming to the point where it’s become a bit of an obsession. Arteess: Conflict is his first published novel.

About Arteess: Conflict

Arteess: Conflict cover imageArteess: Conflict is the first in a new science fiction series where much of the action takes place inside a game. But surviving the game is not child’s play. We learn of science, betrayal, power and progress – from the perspective of innocent, but nevertheless accomplished gamers.

Created as an experiment into the nature of time itself, the virtual world of Arteess exists, in the near future, as a private digital realm. A full-body virtual reality experience where the talented, the shrewd and the lucky are invited to participate in an international war zone of nomadic factions. We are introduced into the world of Arteess alongside the Shard squad, a group of friends specialising in conflict arenas. Though each member possesses unique talents, they are ultimately defined by their personalities, their own personal battles and the moral choices they make in the consequence-free virtual environment. Surrounded by sociopathic technicians, facetious pilots and a potentially insane commander, they must carve out a place for themselves while surviving the onslaught of rivals and the antics of the rest of their own faction.