REVEALED: The cover art for The Black Hole Bar

We can reveal the cover art for Dave Weaver’s much-anticipated new book The Black Hole Bar. Already hailed as a science fiction take on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Bocaccio’s Decameron, The Black Hole Bar starts with a man walking into a bar in London. But this isn’t a pilgrim’s tavern in Southwark, it’s high up on level five of the Docklands Spaceport.

Artwork by Alison Buck
Artwork by Alison Buck

“When we first read the manuscript for The Black Hole Bar, it was obvious that what it really cried out for was a retro cover… 50’s science fiction like Amazing Stories or Dan Dare. We suggested that to Dave [Weaver] and he thought we’d read his mind: Dan Dare’s London Spaceport, but with believable rockets! We gave the brief to Alison [Buck] and she’s done us proud, yet again.”

As a boy, Dave Weaver watched invading Daleks trundle across London Bridge in grainy BBC monotone, thrilled to Professor Quatermass’ discovery of Martian corpses buried deep in the London Underground and read about mankind’s tenuous grip on existence being almost wiped out by marauding Triffids. He has loved science fiction, particularly the British variety, ever since. In The Black Hole Bar has his own tales to tell of future worlds and fantastic revelations. He firmly believes that the seeds of the future are all around us; it’s not as far away or different as we might like to think.

The Black Hole Bar will be published by Elsewhen Press in a digital edition on 22nd June 2014 and in a paperback edition on 22nd September 2014.