“something completely different” – review of Welcome to the Multiverse* on AnnD Rites

Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the inconvenience) cover image
Cover image original artwork by Hannah B. Farrell, background photo by Bart_J/shutterstock.com

On her blog AnnD Rites, writer Ann Dulhanty has reviewed Ira Nayman’s satirical novel Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the inconvenience), the first in the Transdimensional Authority series.

As a fellow author of satirical speculative fiction, Ann appreciates Ira’s writing skill and “flagrant disregard for traditional formatting” and “the common ‘musts’ of writing”. She starts by describing the book as “definitely unique. It is certainly a satire. Considerable fun is poked at traditional macho cops shows, modern big business especially marketing practices, the policies of large, stolid organizations and the stereotypical treatment of women in male dominated fields.”

She writes that she particularly enjoyed the pacing, that the characters are well drawn and credible and that the world building is professional. In summing up she describes Ira as someone with a “delightful sense of humour and keen understanding of science and human nature”.

You can read Ann’s full review on her blog here.