The Black Hole Bar – out NOW

Artwork by Alison Buck
Artwork by Alison Buck

Dave Weaver’s much-anticipated new novel The Black Hole Bar is available from today as an eBook. Heralded as Science Fiction’s answer to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, we accompany Simon Trentham, a traveller with time to kill before his scheduled launch to Titan, into the eponymous tavern in the Docklands Spaceport. Here he, and we, encounter its denizens – writers who meet every month to escape the harsh realities of living under the Domes, necessary as protection against the effects of the dirty bombs that had laid waste to London and other cities twenty years previously. But even in a world of fundamentalist armies, refugees, mega-corporations and corporate states, this motley band – each with lives crossed by tragedy and drama – tell tales that are variously strange, amusing and occasionally downright scary. Simon, who also writes, persuades them to let him participate and soon starts taking the competition much more seriously than he intended.


You are invited to join Simon, read the tales as the writers compete to win a trophy – The Rock, a small piece of meteorite – and score each one on the downloadable scorecard. At the end you may disagree with the writers themselves when they cast their votes for the winner of The Rock! Add your choice to our poll and see for yourself who other readers think should have won.

The Black Hole Bar by Dave Weaver is published by Elsewhen Press and is available from today as an eBook from iTunes (click here), Kobobooks (click here), Google Play (click here), Barnes & Noble (Nook UK |, Amazon Kindle stores (UK | AU | CA | US | BR | DE | ES | FR | IN | IT | JP | MX) and other retailers worldwide. It will be published in a paperback edition in September 2014. The downloadable scorecard and the readers’ poll are available on the Black Hole Bar page on our website here.