“an extraordinarily gifted writer” – Charles Packer reviews The Rhymer on Sci-Fi Online

Palimpsest derived from photos of Leonardo’s work by Janaka Dharmasena/shutterstock.com Original artwork by Alison BuckOn the sci-fi online website, Charles Packer has written a 10/10 review of Douglas Thompson’s latest novel The Rhymer. He starts by pointing out that the book defies genre pigeonholing “being many things, a puzzle, contemplation on the follies of art and artifice as well as a comic look at civilisations”, although he subsequently suggests the “the nearest description would be that the story falls into the category of existential surrealism”.

Having described Douglas as a writer of “almost unparalleled skill”, he says that the “first thing which really strikes you about the book is the beautiful prose” and goes on to say “This is an extraordinarily gifted writer whose lines are infused with poetry”. In fact, he says, “The beauty of the prose drags you into the tale and holds you there”.

He concludes by saying “I’m not sure what more a reader can ask for than a thought provoking provocative plot, written in such skillfully poetic prose. Buy it, your brain will love you forever.”

You can (and should) read Charles’ full review on sci-fi online here.