“original and ambitious approach to magic” – review of The Magician in the Attic on Risingshadow

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

On Risingshadow, Seregil of Rhiminee has written a review of Caspian’s novel The Magician in the Attic, the first of the Curlew Chronicles. At the start, Seregil admits to having stayed up all night to read the book, which he says was worth it, “because it was a refreshingly different kind of a young adult novel”.

Part of this novelty, he says, comes from the fact that it is “full of old-fashioned charm that many new novels lack nowadays” with “a dash of the ageless magic of Enid Blyton’s stories”. He especially liked Caspian’s “original and ambitious approach to magic”, which is not to have a wizard academy or special school but to concentrate “on writing about what magicians do and how they make their tricks work”. As Caspian is himself a magician he is able to write “fascinatingly and convincingly” about magical performance and tricks. Seregil says Caspian is “a good and talented author, because he has dared to create a different kind of a young adult novel. It was a pleasure to read this novel”.

Seregil also points out that although aimed at younger readers, “it can be recommended to readers of all ages, because its contents will appeal to all who like to read about magic and illusions. It’s rare to find this kind of novels that are suitable for young adults and adults alike.” He goes on to say “I’m sure that this novel will appeal to all readers regardless of their gender and age. All that you need to enjoy this novel is to have a child-like fascination with magic and an open mind about things related to illusions, because who wouldn’t love reading about magic and illusions? I’m sure all of us are deep down interested in these things and want to read about them.”

He concludes that The Magician in the Attic is a good novel for anyone looking for a new and interesting young adult novel, because it’s an entertaining novel. He says “If you’re interested – or ever have been interested – in magic tricks and illusions, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this novel very much.”

You can read the full review here.