“terrific story that anyone with half a sense of humor would enjoy” – review of You Can’t Kill the Multiverse* on My Writer’s Cramp

You Can't Kill the Multiverse* cover image
artwork: Hannah B Farrell

On his blog, My Writer’s Cramp, Eric Swett has reviewed Ira Nayman’s humorous novel You Can’t Kill the Multiverse (But You Can Mess With its Head), the second in the Transdimensional Authority series. Eric enjoyed the first book in the series Welcome to the Multiverse (Sorry for the inconvenience) which he described as “something special”. He says that the development in this new novel of characters introduced in the first is “fun and adds depth to an already enjoyable series”.

He commends Ira on doing “a great job of sharing the absurd possibilities of a multiverse filled with infinite possibilities” and concludes by saying it was a “really fun read” and that he would definitely recommend it to anyone.

You can read Eric’s full review here.

*But You Can Mess With its Head