“a first-rate adventure novel” – review of TimeStorm on Risingshadow

TimeStorm cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck, based on a photograph by nodff/shutterstock.com

On Risingshadow.net, Seregil of Rhiminee has just written a review of TimeStorm, the new adventure timeslip novel from Steve Harrison. Seregil starts his review of this “entertaining combination of classic sea adventure, fast-paced action and time travel” by commenting that it’s “a first-rate adventure novel that offers plenty of entertainment”. Mentioning the inevitable comparison of the hero Kit Blaney to Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey, Seregil says that Steve Harrison’s fluent writing about life at sea means that “this novel is a modern equivalent to Forester and O’Brian’s classic adventure novels”. Lieuetenant Blaney is a “delightfully old-fashioned hero. He’s an honest, dutiful and courageous man who has achieved a lot by working hard”.

Seregil goes on to say that Steve “paints a vivid picture of life at sea and shows how the members of the crew work together. In my opinion he manages to create a believable vision of life on the ship”. As fas as the convicts are concerned, he says that Steve “writes unflinchingly about the punishments of the convicts and doesn’t shy away from brutalities involved in the punishments, which is good, because life was harsh during the 18th century”.

Over and above the thrilling adventure, this is also a timeslip novel. Seregil says that the “arrival of men from the 18th century to a near future Sydney is handled in a surprisingly entertaining and exciting way. When the men find themselves in the future, they wonder about many things, because lots of things have changed. The author shows how the men feel about their situation. The crew members and escaped convicts have to face a new society in which new social norms, different manners and unfamiliar technology causes problems and difficult situations for them. They’ve all been dragged to the 21st century against their will”. He adds that the author “creates an absorbing story by writing about policemen, reporters, hostage situations, shootings, rescue missions, bodies etc. Although there are many happenings, the author manages to keep everything under control (in my opinion the author clearly enjoyes writing this kind of entertainment and wants to entertain his readers).”

He concludes his review by saying that “this novel is good entertainment from start to finish and the ending is satisfying to the readers. TimeStorm is a perfect adventure novel for everybody who has read C. S. Forester and Patrick O’Brian. It’s also excellent entertainment for all who enjoy reading fast-paced and exciting time travel stories.”

You can read Seregil’s review on Risingshadow here.