The Darkened Sky

With the arrival of the Winter Solstice, it seems appropriate to share this poem from Sanem Ozdural. It is taken from the Book of Shadow, a collection of stories, poems, songs, sayings that are attributed to Shadow. Who is Shadow? Shadow is the soul of Pera. Where is Pera? It is the most beautiful, vibrant, free place you could ever know. But it is completely hidden behind the Light Veil. No one from this world can see beyond the Veil, nor can they cross it. No one, that is, apart from the occupants of a very special ship called the Flying Fish captained by the formidable Patron. To find out more about Patron, the Flying Fish, Pera and especially Shadow you’ll need to read Sanem Ozdural’s new book the Dark shall do what Light cannot, the second book in the LiGa series, which will be published by Elsewhen Press next Spring. In the meantime just enjoy The Darkened Sky:



Are you afraid, my brothers?

Under the darkened sky

You are right.
My sisters, I blame you not.

It seems there is no end
To the darkened sky
No end
No end
To the reign of Night.

On this night

The longest night.

My sisters, have you forgotten the Sun?
Our golden one.

Under the darkened sky.

It is hard to remember…
Her golden eye.
Here, under the darkened sky.

But remember, my brothers
My sisters, surely you must recall…

Do you see?
Can you hear
The song of the other?
The one they call
                                                                the Sun’s brother.

He sings the Song of the Moon.
We hear him
And we rejoice.

Even under the darkened sky?

When he sings,
It is even
Under the darkened sky…

What does he sing, my sisters?
I would know
What it is that makes you rejoice so

Don’t you know?
Can’t you see
How he has made the stars glow?
And we are dazzled so!
Can’t you see
             the trees in perfect black filigree?

Is that enough, my brothers,
To allay your fears?

And there is more…

More to fear?
More to fear.
Under the darkened sky
There is much to fear.

And there is more…

Can you not hear
How the Song of the Moon
Has awakened the heartbeat
             And quickened the pulse?

Can you not feel
The sudden
Infinitesimal rush?
Upon this, the longest night
Under the darkened sky

We rejoice
And we fear.

That is the truth
Of the longest night

Under the darkened sky…

(From the Book of Shadow)