“fast-paced and exciting science fiction for adults” – review of Glass Shore on Risingshadow

On the Risingshadow.net website, Seregil of Rhiminee has reviewed Glass Shore by Stefan Jackson. He starts by saying that it is the perfect novel for readers who like fast-paced stories, seasoned with action, sex and violence, and populated with feisty and memorable characters. He says it is “one of the most intriguing modern science fiction novels I’ve ever read to date” and despite the number of dystopian future stories that have been written over thee years Glass Shore stands out among them due to its “feisty characters, fast-paced action and an entertaining story”.

Glass Shore cover image
Artwork by Alison Buck;
photograph: Zhoozha/shutterstock.com

Seregil says that the main characters, Nikki and Apollo, are interesting because they are different from typical characters, due to their feisty and unpredictable nature, and as the story progresses more secrets are revealed about them. He goes on to say that even the minor characters also have fascinating personalities. The description of the future Manhattan, too, is “magnificent” and the changes to society and technology are described in a way that is “fluent and interesting”, giving readers a glimpse into this futuristic world.

There are sex scenes which are, he says, “surprisingly bold, uninhibited and well written” alongside the elements of a thriller. He says that Stefan Jackson “combines such themes and issues as government conspiracy, illegal weaponry and hackers in a superb way” and “doesn’t let the story become dull”. There is also “clever and enjoyable humour” with some some “delightfully funny” dialogue between Nikki and Apollo in some scenes; the “novel has a cool satirical edge to it” and certain scenes are “simultaneously thrilling and amusing when you think about what’s going on”.

Overall, he says, “one of the best things about this novel is that you don’t know what’s going to happen next. The author keeps the story flowing and delivers many interesting and unexpected twists and surprises along the way. Just when you think that you may know what’s going to happen next, the author manages surprise you with a clever twist.” Comparing the fast-paced action and “delightfully over-the-top feel” to sci-fi films like The Fifth Element, Seregil says he’d love to see Glass Shore on the big screen.

He concludes by saying that Stefan is a “promising new science fiction author” and he is looking forward to reading more novels written by him. With its action and plot twists, and the ingredients to please entertainment fans – “science fiction, cyborgs, sex scandals, mind control, fast-paced action, surprises etc” – “Glass Shore is a bold and fascinating vision of a future world where things have changed in many ways”.

You can read Seregil’s review here.