“one of the best modern YA sci-fi novels ever written” – review of Future Perfect on Risingshadow

On the Risingshadow.net website, Seregil of Rhiminee has written a review of Future Perfect the first book of the Blueprint trilogy by Katrina Mountfort. He describes it as a pleasant surprise because it was “one of the most entertaining and intriguing young adult science fiction novels I’ve read during the last couple of years”. He goes on to say that the “story was so entertaining that it kept me glued to the novel until I reached the last page” which he says seldom happens when he reads YA science fiction! Confessing that he normally avoids young adult science fiction novels, having been frustrated and annoyed with the low quality of YA science fiction in the past, Seregil says that it was nice to read a well written novel for a change, as Future Perfect is “one of those rare sci-fi novels that can be recommended to both adults and young adults alike”. The story is “intriguing” and “full of life, excitement and real human emotions”.

Future Perfect cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck

Commenting on the emotional depth in a story that addresses such difficult issues as intimacy, sex, relationships and changes in society, Seregil “found it refreshing that the author was able to write about feelings in a believable way”. He says that the main and minor characters are interesting, the story is told from Caia’s point of view which means that “readers can easily relate to her problems and feelings”. He goes on to say that the “romance between Caia and Mac is handled exceptionally well” and Katrina Mountfort “writes fluently about what’s going on between Caia and Mac and how they begin to fall in love with each other”.

He says that Katrina has created an “intriguing future world” writing about the life of people both inside and outside the Citidomes. Everything is clean, neat and healthy inside the domes – almost sterile; life is controlled, sheltered and peaceful, but it’s a life full of fear and loneliness where people daren’t be different. Society has become peaceful at the expense of compassion and love. Seregil says that issues related to sex and sexuality are handled well and readers will appreciate the way Katrina write surprisingly boldly about them. She also writes well about “how people worship beauty and want to look elegant and stylish”.

The outside world is very different – it has diseases such as influenza and bronchitis. Katrina’s descriptions of life outside the Citidomes were “captivating, because she wrote beautifully about what it is like to be free and what kind of difficulties and pleasures free people experience in their everyday life. She wrote lovingly about farm life and the simple pleasures that life has to offer for all of us.”

Seregil says that one “of the most important things that makes this novel work well is that there’s humour and satirical elements in it that are seldom found in this kind of fiction. The references to BodyPerfects are often funny and delightfully sharp. The worship of beauty has become so popular in the society that it has risen to almost grotesque and unhealthy heights. The author’s descriptions of certain characters and their actions are wonderfully satirical and sharp, because they seem to respect only beauty and good health and they’re narcissistic.”

He concludes by saying that “Katrina Mountfort is a talented author who writes intriguing science fiction that has both depth and style in it” and “I respect the author for not underestimating the intelligence of her target audience. I look forward to reading the second instalment in this series”. He says that Future Perfect is “one of the best modern YA sci-fi novels ever written, because the story is good and the author’s passion for storytelling shines through it.” His final remarks are that it “is not annoying fluff like most YA sci-fi novels, but pure quality full of depth, feelings and excitement. I’m sure that this sci-fi novel will appeal to many readers regardless of their gender and age.”

You can read the full review on Risingshadow here.