“one of the most entertaining science fiction novels of the year” – Review of The Mind’s Eye on Risingshadow

On Risingshadow.net, Seregil of Rhiminee has reviewed The Mind’s Eye by Christopher Nuttall. Seregil introduces his review by commending the speculative nature of Christopher’s approach to this story, as well as the way that it addresses the impact that the appearance of telepathic powers have on society and people, including the telepaths themselves. He describes The Mind’s Eye as “one of the most entertaining science fiction novels of the year” – 2014 I assume 😉

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

He goes on to say that “Christopher Nuttall has a good understanding of human nature and feelings”, for example writing fluently about how the main character feels about his job and responsibilities – the descriptions of how he feels about his new telepathic powers are “believable and realistic”. He congratulates Christopher for approaching telepathy from a different angle that is refreshingly entertaining. The different perspectives of various characters are interesting, especially their thoughts about the legal and ethical issues that arise. The different telepaths, having differing experiences, “adds depth to the story”.

Seregil is also pleased with how well the political issues are handled. He says that “Christopher Nuttall is one of those rare authors who manage to keep political issues interesting and don’t alienate their readers with them” going on to say, as an aside, that he thinks “it’s nice that there are authors who manage to write about politics in an interesting way”.

He finishes by saying that Christopher “never ceases to amaze me with his novels, because he’s one of the few modern authors who are capable of writing consistently good and interesting entertainment” and because of “his ability to entertain his readers with fresh ideas (he has an ability to write about well-known speculative fiction elements in a fresh and entertaining way). He has his own distinct writing style that he has honed to perfection. In my opinion he’s one of the best authors when it comes to writing entertainment”.

Of course he finishes this by recommending readers read The Mind’s Eye and all Christopher’s other novels too! His summary: “a well written novel with a fresh approach to ESP and telepathy”.

You can read Seregil’s full review here.