“one of the neatest time-travel packages I’ve read in a long time” – review of Timestorm on Throw the Book at us

Artwork: Alison Buck, based on a photograph by nodff/shutterstock.comOn the book review site Throw the Book at us, Australian writer Russell Proctor has reviewed TimeStorm by Steve Harrison. He gave it 5 stars (which they only give to ‘once in a lifetime’ books).

Russell starts by commending the level of research that Steve obviously did in order to “convey the sights, sounds and experiences of an Eighteenth Century sailing ship in vivid and realistic detail”, and also in “seeing Sydney in 2017 from the point of view of men from a time more than two hundred years earlier” once the ship has slipped forward through time. He says “I enjoy reading a book where the writer has taken on a subject they obviously know a good deal about”. He especially notes the details, such as the difference in the smell of the air. He says the characters are “well conceived and finely portrayed” and “realistic, too” and, although there are many of them, Steve manages to “keep track of them” and ensures the reader does as well. Russell was satisfactorily surprised by the ending, he says.

You can read Russell’s review here.