“A thought-provoking read” – review of Future Perfect on the British Fantasy Society website

Future Perfect cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck

On the British Fantasy Society website, Ian Blackwell has written a review of Future Perfect, the first book of the Blueprint trilogy by Katrina Mountfort. After giving a short synopsis of the world that Katrina has created and some of the characters that populate the Citidomes, Ian says that he “enjoyed reading this modern utopia. It reminds me in some ways of 1984 and Brave New World”. He says that he found himself willing Caia (the ‘heroine’) to “realize that her feelings were natural, and I was glad she escaped the artificial world full of meaningless conversations and mind-numbing game shows of humiliation”.

He said that the way that Katrina “showed how Caia responded to things outside the Citidome that we take for granted” was clever. He says that the most important thing “vital for any utopian storyline, is that I can see many things in the Citidome society that exist in our own today”. He finishes by saying “It makes me question the world around me now, and think nervously about what direction our human race is going”.

You can read Ian’s full review here.