Dysprosium – Eastercon 2015

Elsewhen PressWe are excited to announce that we will be at this year’s Eastercon – Dysprosium 2015 at the Park Inn in Heathrow. Instead of one large Dealers’ Room, there will be a number of smaller rooms and we have secured a whole room to ourselves 😉
It’s syndicate room 13, but we’re not at all superstitious, so we’re sure it will be okay (touch wood).

That means we will be able to offer our own programme events. We will be announcing more details soon, but for starters we will be launching the following books in paperback during Dysprosium:

The Janus Cycle cover imageArtwork: Alison BuckArtwork: Alison BuckArtwork: Alison Buck Library photograph: zens/shutterstock.com skull: leonello calvetti/shutterstock.com