“recommend to all” – review by Hannah Brookes of Future Perfect

In a review on her blog Book-Related Blogging, Direct From Me To You Hannah Brookes describes the storyline of Katrina Mountfort’s Future Perfect as “heart-breaking in its truthfulness”.

Future Perfect cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck

She says she “treasured Future Perfect’s closeness to reality, the nearest to realistic that you can get for a futuristic dystopian world”. Describing how the book explores the effects of oppression on humanity’s natural instincts, she says the reader can see that the different values and perspectives of those in the Citidome from those on the outside demonstrate how “one person’s perfection is another’s oppression”. We learn, she says, from the protagonists that “perfection stands in the eye of the beholder”, and as we find out “more about both Citidome life and outside life, we have to decide what definition of ‘perfect’ we choose to live by”. She writes that she enjoyed the “questioning nature of the divided, yet co-existing lives of the Citidomes and the outside”, based on “completely different ideas of happiness, healthiness, working; of just living”.

She concludes by agreeing that Future Perfect will appeal to both an adult and young adult audience, and says that she “thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to all”.

You can read Hannah’s full review here.