Elsewhen Press launches new science fiction and fantasy titles at Eastercon in Heathrow

Launch events over Easter weekend for the latest in Christopher Nuttall’s bestselling Bookworm series, The Janus Cycle debut novel by author Tej Turner and the first two volumes in new Epic Fantasy series Evil Above the Stars by Peter R. Ellis

DARTFORD, KENT – 3 April 2015 – Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, is thrilled to announce that this weekend’s Eastercon (aka Dysprosium 2015) will play host to launch events for the latest titles in the ever-expanding Elsewhen Press catalogue. As well as the official launch events, the authors will be taking part in various other activities throughout the Eastercon Convention, which is being held at the Park Inn Hotel at Heathrow.

Artwork: Alison Buck Library photograph: zens/shutterstock.com skull: leonello calvetti/shutterstock.com
Artwork: Alison Buck
Library photograph: zens/shutterstock.com
skull: leonello calvetti/shutterstock.com

Christopher Nuttall’s Bookworm III: The Best Laid Plans is the latest instalment in his best-selling Bookworm series. The first in the series, Bookworm, won the Gold Award for Adult Fiction in the 2013 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards and the German translation rights were acquired by Random House for publication in January 2015 under their Blanvalet imprint (with the title Die Bibliothek der Schwarzen Magie 1 – Die Wissende). Released first as an eBook in February, Bookworm III immediately reached the top 10 in Amazon’s Fantasy bestseller charts in the US, UK, Germany and Australia.

The Janus Cycle cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck

Tej Turner’s The Janus Cycle is his debut novel, combining uncompromising realism with fantastic elements in a book that is simultaneously urban fantasy and science fiction. Best described as gritty, sexy and surreal, it tells the stories of eight different people who only have the Janus nightclub in common. But a strange girl keeps appearing to each of the protagonists to cajole them into being at Janus at the same time. Is she a mischief- maker having fun or, as some of them start to suspect, a time-traveller trying to prevent an impending disaster?

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

Peter R. Ellis’s Evil Above the Stars is an intriguing new fantasy series set in a world that seems at once familiar and yet very different, combining Celtic mythology, the underlying principles of alchemy and Ptolemaic cosmology. Gwlad, the Land, is an almost mystical place where the planets really do revolve around the Earth, the power of the four elements is tangible and the people are under attack by an evil, known as the Malevolence. September Weekes is a teenage girl who finds herself transported to Gwlad and expected to defend the inhabitants.

Eastercon sees the launch of the print editions of these books, available from good booksellers.

Notes for Editors

About Christopher Nuttall

Christopher NuttallChristopher Nuttall has been planning sci-fi books since he learnt to read. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Chris created an alternate history website and eventually graduated to writing full-sized novels. Studying history independently allowed him to develop worlds that hung together and provided a base for storytelling. After graduating from university, Chris started writing full-time. As an indie author he has self-published a number of novels, but this is his seventh fantasy to be published by Elsewhen Press. Chris is currently living in Edinburgh with his wife, muse, and critic Aisha and their son.

About Tej Turner

Tej TurnerTej Turner has just begun branching out as a writer and been published in anthologies, including Impossible Spaces (Hic Dragones Press) and The Bestiarum Vocabulum (Western Legends).

His parents moved around a bit while he was growing up so he doesn’t have any particular place he calls “home”, but most of his developing years were spent in the West country of England. He went on to Trinity College in Carmarthen to study Film and Creative Writing, and then later to complete an MA at The University of Wales, Lampeter, where he minored in ancient history but mostly focused on sharpening his writing skills.

Tej has just returned from backpacking his way across Asia, gallivanting around Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nepal. When not trekking through jungles or exploring temples, reefs, and caves, he is usually based in Cardiff, where he works by day, writes by moonlight, and squeezes in the occasional trip to roam around megalithic sites and the British countryside. The next time he has enough money he will be flying off on another adventure. The Janus Cycle is his first published novel. He is currently engaged in writing an epic fantasy series.

About Peter R. Ellis

Peter R. EllisPeter would like to say he’s been a writer all his life but it is only since retiring as a teacher in 2010 that he has been able to devote enough time to writing to call it a career. Brought up in Cardiff, he studied Chemical Physics at the University of Kent at Canterbury, then taught chemistry (and a bit of physics) in Norwich, the Isle of Wight and Thames Valley. His first experience of publishing was in writing educational materials which he has continued to do since retiring. Of his fictional writing, Evil Above the Stars is his first published speculative fiction series.

Peter has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since he was young, has an (almost) complete collection of classic SF by Asimov, Ballard, Clarke, Heinlein and Niven, among others, while also enjoying fantasy by Tolkien, Donaldson and Ursula Le Guin. Of more recent authors Iain M Banks, Alastair Reynolds and China Mieville have his greatest respect. His Welsh upbringing also engendered a love of the language (even though he can’t speak it) and of Welsh mythology like the Mabinogion. All these strands come together in the Evil Above the Stars series. He lives in Herefordshire with his wife, Alison, who is a great supporter.