“A terrific novel” – review of Future Perfect on Terry Tyler Book Reviews

On her Terry Tyler Book Reviews blog, writer Terry Tyler has just reviewed Future Perfect, the first book in the Blueprint trilogy by Katrina Mountfort. Awarding it 5 GOLD STARS, Terry starts by saying “I LOVED this book! Read it over a period of 24 hours, hated having to put it down.”

Future Perfect cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck

After some scene setting for the story and comparing it to ‘1984’, Terry says that “it all seemed frighteningly possible”. It invites the reader to consider the dangers of those in power and of “how quickly what once seemed to be a ludicrous idea can very quickly become accepted as the norm”. She goes on to say that Future Perfect is “a brilliant portrayal of subtle mind control”. She says that it is a great story that “is SO well written” and “told so artfully”.

Although Future Perfect is ostensibly a YA novel, Terry hadn’t realised that until she wrote the review – it obviously appeals to adults and has as much to say to them as to a younger audience. She concludes that Future Perfect is a “terrific novel, I’m so glad it came my way”, and is keen for the next one in the trilogy. So I guess Terry will be pleased to know that Forbidden Alliance will be out at the end of the summer 😉

You can read Terry’s review in full on her review blog here. Terry’s review will also be featured on Rosie Amber’s blog.