Elsewhen Author Reads at Brighton Fringe

Elsewhen author Dave Weaver (‘Jacey’s Kingdom’, ‘Japanese Daisy Chain’, ‘The Black Hole Bar’) was one of nine writers selected from a large entry list to read at the Rattle Tales writers’ group’s special Brighton Fringe event on Thursday 21st May. The event is now in its fourth sell out year. Eighty literature lovers made their way to The Brunswick in Hove and downstairs to the intimate cabaret style venue complete with muted lighting and its own bar. Dave was on first to perform his flash fiction piece ‘Red Wire, Green Wire’ which can be read below. A section of the Rattle Tale’s review of the evening concerning Dave’s performance is as follows:

‘Dave Weaver kicked things off with Red Wire, Green Wire, a flash fiction that was quite literally incendiary as he took us through the thoughts of a bomb disposal expert on a very difficult mission. The crowd was rapt and the three minute story had us all breathless, as Dave counted down to the cutting of the last wire… Rattles were shaken enthusiastically as the crowd tried to decide the fate of the protagonist.’

You can read the full article here

Red Wire, Green Wire
Ok, last screw out, cover off, take a look – steady; don’t want to rock the boat. Good, just as I thought; IED with Russian timer; ammonium nitrate fertilizer stacked in drinks machine next to central pillar. Take out core support; building crumples like a pack of cards.
I’ve got this one though, no problem, home in time for Jack’s birthday; take him for a Macdonald’s, Disney, nice one.
Wait, a click, what was that? Something new…? Oh I see; one minute timer starts when air pressure changes; when cover’s removed. Didn’t see that coming… Little red numbers; fifty-two, fifty-one… Doesn’t matter, loads of time; cut the live wire; seven colours, like a little plastic rainbow; one live, rest fake, only cut the live though or its bye-bye time. Yellow, blue, gold, brown, black, red and green; put a clip on each, test it; simples. Seven colours; not like in the movies; only two there, red and green, which one live they always have to guess, stupid, not like real thing; no guessing today; nothing left to chance. Six fake; this one’s the daddy, cut it, done!
No, they’re not stopping! Twenty-nine, twenty-eight… Why, why…? Seen it, underneath; duplicate set, another rainbow. Very clever, nice one… These harder to get at, funny angle, can’t get clip on properly, keeps coming off; calm down, push my hand round the back, hold it on, cutters round the front. That’s a fake; now the black, that too, and the gold, clip slides off, do it again, gotcha. Four more; how long…? Fourteen seconds, piece of piss, test it, not you brown, ten seconds, yellow next; push the clip down more; another dud; six seconds to go. Just you two now; red wire, green wire, no time for test; cut the live, but which?
Three… two… nice one.