“a veritable feast of laughter” – review of Random Dingoes on Risingshadow

On Risingshadows.net, Seregil of Rhiminee has just reviewed Random Dingoes, the latest novel by Ira Nayman in the Transdimensional Authority series. Having enjoyed the first two books in the series, Seregil starts by saying that Random Dingoes “is a fantastic novel” that is “just as funny, entertaining and unpredictable as its two predecessors”. He goes on to point out that although part of a series it can be read as a standalone novel, adding that it’s “nice that readers don’t necessarily have to know anything about the previous novels and their contents in order to enjoy this novel”.

Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell Montreal Background image: Gisela McKay
Artwork: Hannah B. Farrell
Montreal Background image: Gisela McKay

Seregil is appreciative of Ira’s humour, although he knows that it “may not be to everyone’s liking due to its sarcastic and witty nature, but in my opinion that’s one of the reasons why he is such a good and talented author”. He especially likes Ira’s uncompromising attitude in which “Nothing and no-one is safe from his sense of humour”.

Having said that it is not important to have read the previous novels to enjoy Random Dingoes, Seregil says that it was great to read more about Noomi and Crash, who “are fascinating characters and their adventures have delighted me ever since I read the first Transdimensional Authority novel”. He enjoyed reading the interesting aspects of both characters’ past that are revealed in this novel, along with details of Time Agency agent Radames Trafshanian’s childhood. It is, says Seregil, the “colourful characters and their traits” that “spice up the story”. By example he mentions “the cyborg Jabbakop is an eager and lively cyborg. The interrogation scene with Jabbakop is simply brilliant and very amusing, because it shows how eager a cyborg he is. Radames Trafshanian is also worth mentioning, because she’s quite an unusual person who has brilliant comments.”

As in the previous novels, there are articles from the Alternate Reality New Service interspersed throughout the book. These are “funny and inventive. You simply can’t read them without smiling, chuckling or laughing out loud.” In fact, Seregil issues this warning to readers: “By the way, you should be careful where you read this novel, because you may experience sudden bursts of laughter coming out of your mouth when you read the story. It’s almost impossible not to laugh out loud during the story, because it’s chock-full of humour and brilliant references to popular culture and technology.”

Seregil rates Ira Nayman as “one of the best authors of humorous science fiction” whose “imagination seems to know no bounds. He delivers deliciously satirical, sarcastic, witty and quirky humour to his readers at regular intervals. His intelligent humour has a cool and sharp edge to it that may leave you stunned by its effectiveness.” He says that “Random Dingoes is an excellent example of his writing style, because it contains all of his trademarks in a highly entertaining and wickedly funny format.”

He concludes by saying that Random Dingoes is “one of the funniest and most entertaining humorous science fiction novels ever written. It’s full of humour, witty comments and uninhibited social commentary about our modern way of life disguised as science fiction.

Random Dingoes is already available as an eBook and will be available as a paperback from the 6th July 2015.

You can read Seregil’s full review here.