“a very exhilarating read” – review of TimeStorm on The Review website

On The Review Website, Robert Southworth has written a review of Steve Harrison’s nautical timeslip adventure TimeStorm. Robert starts by admitting that TimeStorm was very different from the usual type of novel he would read and he started reading with a “mixture of trepidation and excitement”. But, he goes on to say that any fears he may have had “were soon dispelled with the first few pages”.

TimeStorm cover image
Artwork: Alison Buck, based on a photograph by nodff/shutterstock.com

Robert comments on Steve’s skill at presenting the story which “moves at a fine pace, keeping you turning the pages with a sense of anticipation”. He adds that this is helped not only by “an intriguing storyline but also the well-developed characters”. He also commends the way Steve creates an authentic atmosphere for the craft and crew in the 18th century, saying that Steve “delivers this skilfully”.

In his summary, Robert (himself an author) concludes that he “felt the novel was entertaining and well written, with diverse and interesting characters. The fact that time travel is involved is neither here or there, because the skill in which the author has written about the individuals and the trials they face is of such a high quality, that it is on them the reader concentrates.” Thanks Robert.

You can read Robert’s full review on The Review here.