Sailor to a Siren, highly anticipated space opera by Zoë Sumra, published today

With the dedication that comes from attention to detail, Zoë Sumra has developed a rich universe in which to set her stories. Now it is fully realised as the first of those stories is revealed in the enthralling thriller Sailor to a Siren.

DARTFORD, KENT – 17 July 2015 – Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, is delighted to announce the publication today of the highly anticipated Sailor to a Siren by the exciting new science fiction author, Zoë Sumra. A space opera novel with significant nods to the gangland thriller genre, it is the first entrée into a universe created by Zoë that has a level of detail and depth far beyond that normally found in a debut novel. The work she has invested, in developing, finessing and peopling this very credible universe, is revealed with a refreshing lightness of touch in the first of what promises to be a highly popular series ranging across generations and throughout many sectors of space.

Artwork: Alison Buck
Artwork: Alison Buck

When Connor and Logan Cardwain, a gangster’s lieutenants, steal a shipment of high-grade narcotics for their boss, Connor dreams of diverting the profits and setting up in business for himself. His plans encounter a hurdle in the form of Éloise Falavière, Logan’s former girlfriend, who has been hired by an interplanetary police force’s vice squad to stop the drugs shipment from being sent to her home planet. All of their plans are derailed, though, when they discover that the shipment was hiding a much deadlier secret – the prototype of a tiny superweapon powerful enough to destabilise galactic peace.

Soon, crime lords, corrupt officials and interstellar magicians are pursuing them, and Connor, Logan and Éloise realise they have to identify and confront the superweapon’s smuggler in order to survive. But, when one by one their friends begin to betray them, their self-imposed mission transforms from difficult to near-impossible.

Pete Buck, Editorial Director of Elsewhen Press, said, “This great debut from Zoë Sumra establishes her as a name to watch in epic space opera. The depth of her characters, the breadth of her world-building, the ambition and longevity of her story-arcs spanning multiple generations of families, all make this a first step in what will be a fascinating and enthralling universe. These are stories that deserve to be told, from a story-teller who deserves to be heard.”

Sailor to a Siren is published today by Elsewhen Press in digital format on all popular eBook platforms and will be published in paperback in November.

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About Zoë Sumra

Zoë SumraZoë was born in London, but spent her later childhood living in Lancashire, where she started writing novels at the age of twelve due to extreme boredom. After completing the obligatory epic fantasy trilogy in her teens, she spent four years at the University of St Andrews, where she learnt to fence both foil and sabre and cemented her passion for space opera. She now lives in London with her husband and a collection of swords. When she’s not writing or fencing, Zoë works as a print controller for an advertising company.