“superbly surreal adventure” – review of The Rhymer on the British Fantasy Society website

The Rhymer cover image
Palimpsest derived from photos of Leonardo’s work by Janaka Dharmasena/shutterstock.com
Original artwork by Alison Buck

On the British Fantasy Society website, Stewart Horn has written a review of Douglas Thompson’s satire on contemporary society and especially the art world, The Rhymer, an Heredyssey. He admits that a dry description of the book – the travels of the narrator throughout the region around Urbis, written in free verse – may make it seem quite a heavy book, but “it’s actually lots of fun” he says, adding that once adjusted to the “playful writing style” he found himself “chuckling … and enjoying the wordplay”. In summary, he advises readers to “think of the whole book as an experiment and an experience, and a thoroughly enjoyable one”.

You can read the whole of Stewart’s review here.